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"Why FIT IN when you were born to STAND OUT"

You probably read that quote and immediately thought about standing out physically. Not following today's trends and setting your own style. Well, that's part of it. Everyone should be their own person. But, let's analyze this quote a bit differently.

How about you stand out in your career, personality or lifestyle? How about, instead of sticking to that same job that you hate going to every single day, you STAND OUT and do something a bit different? Ever dream't of working for a huge corporation, or how about owning your own business? What is stopping you? Ever wanted to motivate someone or give back to the community more? Do it!

These are all things that you can do to STAND OUT. So many people are afraid of chasing their dreams. The "What if?" questions start popping up. Honestly, you will never know the answer to those questions unless you try. Really....what is the worst that can happen? You start over? Maybe that's just what you need anyway.

I chose this topic because this is a conversation that Angela (the model in these pin up style photos) and I have on a regular basis. Although, I am more of the free bird on the outside of the cell just trying to bust her out of the jail we call fear.

Dr. Suess told us when we were children, "Why fit in when you were born to stand out?" So, STAND OUT! Go after your dreams. Do the things you always dreamed of and never had the courage to do. Now is a better time than ever. Set some goals and prepare yourself for the next big change in your life. Pray on it and power through!!!

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