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Friendship & Growth

Friends come and go. Some are placed in your life for a reason that is unknown and some you realize you would never want to live without.

In our younger years we grow up with people and believe that our friendships will never end. We start with sharing crayons, and end with high school fights. We continue to grow, change, and start on our own journeys.

As we get older, friendship begins to mean more, and we value those who treat us as we treat them. We forget about the drama and focus on goals. We cherish friends more as we get older.

So, what is a friend? For me, a friend is someone who is there for me when I need them most. I can call or text them and expect a response even if we haven't spoken in weeks or months. We live our lives separately, but our conversations never change. But, what is most important is that I can trust, respect and motivate my friends, and count on them to do the same for me.

So, cheers to a friend who has sat next to me on this roller coaster called life. We have fought over stupid things, been through similar relationships, cried on each others shoulder, and enjoyed some of life's best moments together.....a true friend.....Happy Birthday Shay. <3

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