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Embrace your natural beauty

Say Hi to Kyra, everyone! Kyra is a truly beautiful person. With this shoot, we wanted to focus on natural beauty and embrace every feature that God has blessed her with.

Her hair is wild and has a mind of it's own. But, it's not chemically treated, can be styled in many ways, is extremely healthy, and it's hers! It's the hair that God blessed her with. Kyra has been on a journey learning to embrace and style her natural hair, but she is loving every moment.

Her freckles are my favorite! I have freckles myself, and to this day, I still have issues with accepting them. I apply make up and try to stay out of the sun. In her photos, you'll find her natural skin and beautiful freckles.

Her photos also embrace her African American heritage. She wraps her hair up in a scarf to not only protect her hairstyle as it sets, but also to because it holds a distinctive position in the history of American dress. A couple of her photos show off her African dashiki dress and bamboo hoop earrings provided to her by Yolanda Renee (

To see more of Kyra's photos and more, click here!

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