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2016 ULI Florida Summit- A Tour of the Wynwood Art District & The Miami Design District

In attending this years ULI Florida Summit, I was able to tour the Wynwood Art District and The Miami Design District.

While in Wynwood, I was surrounded by amazing and eye catching abstract art created by artists from all over. Wynwood began as a warehouse and manufacturing district for Miami and in 2009 began to transform into what we see today. Walls and buildings plastered with art, small retails shops, and cafes. It's a place to express yourself and soak up the array of art, telling the story of this unique area. I had the pleasure of meeting David Polinsky, the managing director of the 250 Wynwood project, who gave us a tour of the newly developed work of art. This building is the first new condominium in the Wynwood Art District. While in the area, we also toured the Wynwood Walls and then jumped on the bus to head to Miami's Design District.

This area was full of stores that I, as well as many others, would rarely be able to afford to shop in. But, I have to say, the architecture here really caught my eye. The buildings were constructed in a way to stand out from each other. They used diagonal lines, patterns, and materials that weren't consistent with other common building structures. The area also offered many sculptures and large pieces of art to keep you moving around and entertained. From the short time I spent there, I noticed few people, so this isn't an area you'd see many people navigating to unless they had some money to blow. But, definitely worth a visit.

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